Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I Have Company...

...Or at least I did a few moments ago. I probably should of written that title in past tense but I have already typed it and I simply cannot be bothered to go back and change it now, I mean I've come too far and doing so would only make this whole ramble redundant. But I digress, I came on to mention that day one of my attempts to actually do some work towards my summer project were thankfully interrupted by my not-actually-related-though could-be-mistaken-for-my-twin-in-the-right-light friend Hannah. We didn't get up to anything overly productive, but we did attempt to research our trip to Paris a bit more in order to try and figure out just how broke we will be on returning home. But we soon came to the conclusion that working that stuff out is hard and that it is much less mind-hurty to just sit and watch films about talking monkeys and madcap inventors. But I'm sure we'll find someway to not spend all of our money....

This Ugly Mug + Disney =

The best holiday ever. Either that or I suppose it could equate to the most disastrous trip ever attempted by man, but I suppose we won't know the answer to that until we return home. If we return home that is....

Whoa... that sounded kind of ominous didn't it? I didn't mean to imply that we wouldn't make it home due to falling of the Eiffel Tower or being killed in a baguette-style sword fight. I simply meant to highlight that our complete lack of navigational skills will probably lead to us not finding our way back home. But anyway, I should probably go and try get some more work done, (as much as it pains me to do so.) So hopefully tomorrow I will have some crap-tastic images to show you of what I have done so far, though don't expect anything special. It'll probably just end up being a sheet of paper with the words 'I'm screwed' scrawled across it.



    Also if anything, I actually think what you can see of my hair looks pretty good in that picture. Last time you get hold of my camera though :D

  2. I feel I should mention I somehow also managed to obtain the photos of your father passed out on your couch... not entirely sure how. But at least I know now that I've got al I need if I ever plan to blackmail him. :D

  3. Always handy, that's what I planned on doing with them also! To be fair.. he didn't entiiiirely pass out ON the couch >.<

  4. I am sososososososososo jealous. I hope you meet all the Disney characters and give them lots of cuddles like good children. :)