Monday, 28 June 2010

And So It Begins...

I really have no idea was has possessed me to make an account on here. I imagine what I have to say is of little interest to anyone, not even am I interested in what I've got to say most of the time as it tends to be nothing more then random drivel that not even my own family members would be brave enough to endure. Even small birds and animals have been known to flee for hundreds of miles simply to escape my insensate nattering, and trust me when I say there is no sight more spectacular then an entire forest of wildlife fleeing for its life. Its like I'm the anit-snow white or something....

But still, the small voice in the back of my head is kindly pointing out that I have very little else to do with my days. So really what's the harm in adding another internet activity to my daily to do list. (Plus its another welcome distraction to pull me away from working on my summer project.)

Though I suppose I could be productive and use this blog to show some of my work and hope that it somehow encourages me to do more - but even as I type that I realise its unlikely to ever happen.

Anyway I'm going to cut this short and end my first post now as I could quite literally drag this out for days, I mean I could for example start going into immense detail on the bread roll I just ate, and what parts of my clothing are now tainted with its flour-y goodness....

But that my friends is quite clearly an epic tale for another blog, so until then.

Leaf, OUT

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  1. Look! It works! IT WOOORRKKSS. Got rid of that mobile verification thing and here I am :D you better get subscribed missy :D WOOOOO